Coming Back to School! A Totally Different Experience!

This February, the start of offline school seemed overwhelming. There was a mixed feeling of joy, excitement and anxiety in my mind. Anxiety, as I was not sure how would I adapt to offline from online and how would the learners respond, but the learners made my job very easy. I heaved a sigh of relief with the thought that there would be “No more zoom calls, no more ” weak internet connection, no more ” miss I can’t hear you”  challenges.

Coming back to school was totally a different experience for me. Learners, who I sometimes found very bored during zoom sessions, were a totally different and enthusiastic bunch of kids. It was great listening to their stories. I realized they truly missed the joy of interacting with their peers and also opened up more easily during the offline sessions with me and their peers. I was also amazed that the little ones, kept their masks on for most of times, ensuring that the protocols were followed appropriately. 

All in all a wonderful experience and I sincerely hope we don’t have to go back to the online mode of teaching.