About Us

When over 65 years ago The Little Angels’ School came into being, as a consequence of unanticipated circumstances, it was one of its kind. It was a time that Montessori or Kindergarten schools were not as ubiquitous as they are today. Its uniqueness proved to be its mainstay and anchor.

Little Angels’ School was started by Mrs. Sulochana Sheti in the 1950’s, a visionary whose need to give the best education for her only child led her to open avenues for more children. Little Angels’ High School runs on the State board curriculum and is a co-educational school where one endeavours to achieve an all round development of the child in an effort to mould them into disciplined citizens of tomorrow.

Vision & Mission

To be a school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence, all-round development, and global perspective empowering our students to be lifelong learners who will endeavor to actively “Serve Humanity”.


To create a secure and stimulating learning environment where every child inspires, supports and respects one another by achieving academic, social and emotional excellence thereby making a positive contribution to the world.

Core Values

Be the angel who -

The Journey

Mrs. Sulochana Sheti loved children. She invited the neighbouring children in her home and encouraged the creative talent of the little ones. Inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori, Mrs. Sulochana Sheti took up her training course in Mumbai and was taken up with the legendary Italian educationist’s cause of societal responsibility for juvenile delinquency. As the number increased she was compelled by parents itself to start the Primary classes. She named the school “Little Angels’ ”. When accommodation posed a problem, she moved her school to the military barracks in Sion. For several years the school was housed there.

In 1959, Mrs. Sheti registered The Angels’ Education Trust with Five members and an ambitious plan to build a new school building at Sulochana Sheti Marg (the road named after her – an initiative taken up voluntarily by parents of the school children.) which was ready in 1963. The first batch of students appeared for their SSC examinations in March 1964 and passed with a 100 per cent result! The Primary school continued to remain in the barracks where conditions were far from satisfactory. The land allotted for the building in 1984 took 13 years for sanction of the building plans. Finally in 1997 construction began and the Founder Principal Mrs. Sulochana Sheti’s dream of housing all the sections under one roof came true.

Mrs. Sulochana Sheti


Born Sulochana Puthli, in 1910 in a large Saraswat Brahmin family, she was the only girl amongst 10 other siblings. As was the tradition in those times she was married at a tender age of 8 or 9, which very soon after was rendered a widow. She rebelled against this cursed existence and she pleaded with her older brother to help her continue her studies. As she used to say later “I realized that this was the only opportunity I would get to change the course of my life. So I grabbed it and worked unceasingly.” She went on to graduate from St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai and marry a dashing rebel, non-brahmin revolutionary, Anant Sheti, much against his family’s wishes.

The success story has been a long battle against many odds during the steady climb uphill. It has been mainly due to the unstinting efforts of one single lady. Those who have known her would remember that she was diminutive in size but dared to dream big. The Late Mrs. Sulochana Sheti, founded the Little Angels’ School in the 50’s as one of the few non-Catholic English medium schools in the city.

As the school grew to much fame and success, the Trust members started to put thoughts on giving the children an opportunity to embrace an International curriculum. After a lot of research, the school extended its horizon to build a learning environment that suits the need for 21st century learning and that of an International School. Thus began the new journey with Little Angels’ International School, a dream being turned into reality by Mme. Sulochana Sheti’s daughter, Dr Roshan Bhakta and with the abled support of all the other Trust members.

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