At LAIS, the curriculum ensures to make time and space for learners to explore varied capacity and skill building activities. There are loads of opportunities for movement of learners within and outside the classroom.

Classrooms Speak Out

The classrooms are designed to cater to learner-led active learning and give ample space for displaying the learners work. Class reading corners and smart boards help in extended learning and assist the learners of varied abilities. The teaching manipulatives in every classroom is easily available and adds to enhancing the teaching-learning process. Along with the classrooms where the learners spend most hours, these special rooms enhance the emotional, physical, aesthetical, spiritual, social and ethical wellbeing of our learners.

Skill Zones



State of art library with books, educational aids, reading corners and author interaction programs all working towards promoting reading and research skills.

Learning Loft

Free Play Area

Free play area where learners can explore, imagine, take risks, solves problem and share.


Creative Hands

Art & Craft Room

An open space for learners to tickle their imagination as they create, play and have fun with colours, textures and designs and learn appreciating artwork of various artists around the world.

Wellness Centre

A well- equipped medical room where care is given to learners to rest and get back to action.

Let's Talk!

Counselling & Remedial Room

Our counselling & remedial centre is open for all stakeholders for academic and emotional support. A strong Wellness program is designed to ensure the emotional and social safety of our learners.

Makers' Chamber

Innovation Lab

The lab is designed to help learners to ideate, process and learn new skills as they work with different materials and tools and come up with ground-breaking ideas and products, collaboratively.

Taps & Sounds

Dance And Music

The learners would be exposed to different genres of global and Indian music and dance and career options.

Sports Arena

Outdoor Sports

A well maintained ground for a structured physical education program that covers variety of games, sports, healthy diet and right exercise for a right mind.

After School Care

Day Care

Creating a safe environment for the learner after school for parents to stay at ease at work.

Testing Grounds

Chemistry Lab

The Lab is designed to cater to scientific outlook and innovative skill building. It is a safe space where learners get a practical experience that connects them to scientific theories.

Prisms & Predators

Physics & Biology Lab

This dual lab gives scope for the learner to see the things aroud them wihtin and beyond the microscope. The time spent in the labs help learners to build skills to question, perform procedures, analyse and evaluate the challenge and find solutions.

Any Time Meet Room (ATM)

Multipurpose Hall

This mutlipurpose room is equipped for performances and presentations by and for our learners and a place to meet and greet our community of parents and visitors.