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At LAIS, we believe that each voice is unique in its own way and reflects the world view of the speaker. We aim at making the Speak Out Zone, a true platform for not only expressing one’s perspective, but also learning from others’ perspectives. The Speak Out Zone will be based on a different theme every month. We invite our learners, parents, staff and others to explore and share their thoughts here through articles, pictures and/or videos. We hope you find this section insightful and exciting! We invite our learners, parents, staff and the entire community to explore….

This platform is for all!

Have a story to tell, an experience to share or a comment to make? Connect with us at lais.office@littleangels-sion.in.

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The current theme for the Speak Out Zone is “Life in the Virtual World”.

The lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic has solidified the importance and relevance of technology in numerous dimensions of everyday life, be it work, education, socializing and so on. This has become the new reality of our lives.

Please have a look at what some of our learners, parents, staff and others have to say in this regard.