A platform for sharing one’s perspective!

At LAIS, we believe that each voice is unique in its own way and reflects the world view of the speaker. We aim at making the Speak Out Zone a true platform for, not only expressing one’s perspective but also learning from others’ perspectives.

The Speak Out Zone will be based on a different theme every quarter.

We invite everyone to explore and share their thoughts on a given theme through articles, pictures, and/or audio/videos.

Interested in sharing your thoughts? Let your creativity flow!!

Kindly send in your submissions as an email to [email protected]

The current theme for the Speak Out Zone is “Back to School”.

The outbreak of the pandemic brought about an extreme transformation in the education spectrum with the distinctive introduction of online classes. Adapting to the changing times had become the need of the hour for all stakeholders including teachers, learners and parents.

Now that schools are gradually moving back to physical classes, once again adapting to the changes requires a lot of alterations in our lifestyle, behaviors, routine and mindset.

We are sure that you all may have a lot of experiences to share and stories to tell about the transition from online to offline schooling.

So sit back and reflect upon moments that have brought a smile to your face, challenges you may have faced, new skills you may have learned and anything that comes to your mind on ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’

Grab your pen, paper, or a digital device and share your thoughts and experiences! We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!!

Take a sneak peek into stories and experiences shared by our stakeholders.