A platform for sharing one’s perspective!

At LAIS, we believe that each voice is unique in its own way and reflects the world view of the speaker. We aim at making the Speak Out Zone a true platform for, not only expressing one’s perspective but also learning from others’ perspectives.

The Speak Out Zone will be based on a different theme every quarter.

We invite everyone to explore and share their thoughts on a given theme through articles, pictures, and/or audio/videos.

Interested in sharing your thoughts? Let your creativity flow!!

Kindly send in your submissions as an email to edc_soz@littleangels-sion.in

The current theme for the Speak Out Zone is “Between the Pages of a Book, is a Lovely Place to be”.

Reading is “one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have,” Lloyd Alexander, a two-time National Book Award-winning author, once said. And we couldn’t agree more. We believe reading is not restricted to storybooks but an opening to a complete gamut of learning, may it be newspapers, magazines, fiction and non-fiction books, and books that help enhance interests and things that one is passionate about.

So grab your pen, paper, or a digital device and share your thoughts on things read by you, your favorite character, learning and experiences from reading, and anything that comes to your mind when you think about READING or BOOKS

We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!!

Sit back and take a sneak peek into our exciting world of BOOKS and READING!