LAIS Family

Leadership Team

Shubadra Shenoy


Shubadra believes that life is an exploration and we create an opportunity for one self and others by being a continuous learner. She has over 27 years of leadership experience and has worked with prestigious schools in and outside Mumbai. The schools received many accolades under her leadership and have showcased some exemplary work from all stakeholders. She was an ambassador with British Council and is a lead assessor with Adhyayan. Her forte lies in building capacities in leadership for every stakeholder but she enjoys working most with student leaders helping hem become important decision makers in the school.

Namita Talreja

Head of Department – EYP & Primary

Namita has over 15 years of experience working as a Senior Leader. Her journey reflects pure dedication and determination to excel from being a teacher to lead a school in the capacity of a Vice-Principal. She is passionate about working with young minds and is regularly reviewing the curriculum to incorporate the latest pedagogy. Namita is a lead assessor with Adhyayan and is also into teacher training.


Smita Golia

Facilitator in EYP Department

Smita is BSc, ECCE qualified teacher from Shiksha and a graphic designer. She has been instrumental in various creative projects which inspired students urging them to perform to their fullest potential. She takes pleasure in regularly engaging in volunteer work with marginalized communities. She is a new entrant to the teaching profession and pursues to be a learner.

Prajakta Korgaonkar

Facilitator in EYP Department

Prajakta has a bachelor’s degree in mass media with Journalism. She is also pursuing her 2 year ECCED from SIES college, Sion. She enjoys travelling and swimming.Prajakta believes that knowledge is not limited to books but is a wide notion that nurtures every individual holistically throughout the life. She is a new entrant to the teaching profession and pursues to be a learner.

Mahnaaz Shaikh

Facilitator in Primary Department

The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future
– F. Sionil Jose

Mahnaaz has completed BA in English and Education and D.Ed from Bombay Teachers’ Training College. Currently, she is pursuing her MA in English. Teaching is her life’s passion, and she has been instructing students of primary years for the past five years. She believes that her years of experience as a teacher have helped her form a teaching philosophy that guides how she can help her students succeed in the classroom and beyond. She strives to create a space for students to explore their own learning styles, then she’s there to help develop their interests.

Zinkle Dharod

Facilitator in Primary Department

Zinkle has been in the teaching profession for the past 8 years. She graduated as a keen learner from Psychology school, where it brought a great change for herself and her learners. Her passion has always been humanities and exploring new ways of learning. She believes that a teacher needs to be adapting and be updated with every new situation as she wants to serve the best of her learners.

Poonam Shah

Facilitator in Primary Department

Poonam is a passionate educationist who believes that education has the power to transform lives and impact students’ well-being. She is an ECCE qualified teacher from Shiksha, has 9 years of experience in teaching including administration of Pre-Primary department. She was also the Head of the Pre-primary Department in 2017 for a renowned school in Mumbai and worked with all stakeholders to create quality education for the department and the school. Currently, she is pursuing her B. Ed degree.

Bhavi Shah

Facilitator in Primary Department

Bhavi has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from K.C. College, Mumbai and her D.T. Ed from Bombay Teachers’ Training College. She is experienced in teaching grades 3-7, across various boards including IB and IGCSE for the last 8 years.
Her inspiration to become a teacher has been all about enhancing critical thinking skills in learners along with making them responsible, independent lifelong learners. She is an advocate of the idea that education needs to be more hands-on, interactive and simplified rather than rote learned.
Apart from teaching, she is also a passionate baker and loves to travel to new places and explore different cultures and ways of life.

Kavita Ranpuria

Facilitator in Primary Department
Kavita truly believes in nurturing the inquiring young minds and instilling a life-long love for learning within them. She is a passionate educator whose goal is to foster an environment where students are not only aware of a growth mindset, but can actively take part in it. She brings with her a wealth of 10+ years of teaching experience. She has worked with both the Pre-Primary and Primary students over these years. Kavita has pursued her Montessori Teacher Training from the Ratan Tata Institute, Mumbai and her B.ed from the Mumbai University. She loves to travel and dance.

Suchismita Sarkar

Facilitator in Lower Secondary Department

Suchismita has completed Masters’s in English from the University of Calcutta and a B.ed from the University of Mumbai. She has been associated with teaching for the past ten years and has catered to students from Primary to Secondary. She enjoys reading various Indian and foreign literary works. She is passionate about traveling, especially, to hill stations. Since the time she started teaching, her goal has always been to nurture students and impart knowledge that is valuable for life experience. Hence, she believes in Samuel Beckett’s quote, ” Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Priti Bheda

Facilitator in Lower Secondary Department

Priti is a Post Graduate in Commerce. She had done her ECCED in 2006 and B.Ed more recently in 2018, living up to growing as an educator and a lifelong learner. She has 12 years of experience in the Pre-Primary and Primary departments including the experience of heading these sections for 5 years. She was born and brought up in the south of India and loves traveling, reading, cooking for friends, and connecting with children.

Oushnik Majumdar

Facilitator in Lower Secondary Department

Oushnik is a new entrant in the teaching profession. He is currently pursuing a degree in Bsc Physics Hons who also loves to share his knowledge with others. He understands the struggles a student of any age goes through in this day and age and helps them overcome their hurdles. He is also a musician who sings and plays both the guitar and the drums.





Shraddha Goyal

Art & Literary Facilitator

Shraddha has completed her teacher training and a Diploma in Applied Art from Sophia Polytechnic. She started her career as an artist and designer at Pratham Ideas to becoming a class teacher in Primary department at a renowned school in Mumbai. She extended her learning by being a class teacher for the Middle School for 2 years. Her passion for art and design got her freelance and work as a trainer and illustrator. She continues to explore her hobbies in music, travelling and reading. Currently she is also writing children stories and poetry. She truly believes that to be a teacher is the greatest blessing.

Kyra Melwani

French Facilitator

Kyra, an ECCE qualified teacher from Sophia Polytechnic with experience of 16 years of teaching learners between the ages group of 3 to 6 years. She has completed Diploma courses in Phonics and Learning disabilities. She has worked with differently-abled children and children with special needs. An enthusiastic and caring educator who believes that all children can learn and thrive in an environment that is stimulating and appropriate to children’s abilities.

Manini Bhatia

Hindi Facilitator for EYP, Primary and Lower Secondary Departments

Manini has completed her Bachelors and Masters in Hindi literature from Mumbai University and has recently completed her B.Ed. She has around 5 years of experience as a teacher and is always keen to learn and grow..Teaching is her passions and she loves to be around children.

Jyotsna Kadam

Marathi Facilitator For EYP, Primary And Lower Secondary Departments

Jyotsna has 7 years’ experience in the teaching profession. She has completed M.A. and B.ed in Marathi from University of Mumbai. Teaching is her passion She is a lifelong learner and loves to discover new things.

Pooja Gala

Makers’ Chamber Facilitator and Remedial Educator

Pooja is a remedial educator. She facilitates her sessions in an informal yet peer-led, and shared learning environment, motivated by fun She focuses on learning and using practical skills and applying them to reference design. In her sessions learners are seen exploring different materials and experimenting by recycling, upcycling, recreating and redesigning them. Her comfort to work with young minds and the need to help them explore their potential led to her becoming the facilitator for Makers’ Chamber, a place where one can imagine, innovate and create.

Grishma Ashar

School Counsellor

Grishma is a counsellor who completed her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Psychology from SNDT University. She holds several certificates in therapy and testing. She provides mental health services to individuals in an attempt to help them deal with various difficulties and initiate self-growth. Her specialisations are trauma, crisis counselling and minority populations. She is also a published researcher with notable publications.
Grishma truly believes that every learner, every child has an inherent, biological tendency to grow and develop. All they require is a bit of empathy, unconditional positive regard and direction to reach their full potential. This is the approach she uses in helping learners attain sustainably, all-round growth and overcome struggles to reach self-actualisation.
She is also a national gold and silver medalist in chess and has represented India in Commonwealth Games and SAARC Nations. She is also a self-proclaimed painter.

Savita Salve


Savita has done her nursing course at SNDT College from Matunga Mumbai and has 22 years of work experience. She believe that her greatest strength as a nurse is her ability to connect with patients and provide them with compassion and care. She also enjoys the challenges that come with her job and the opportunities to learn. She enjoys listening to music and reading books.

Support System

Our strong support system led by

Karishma Mehta

Office Coordinator

Reshma More


Mary Santosh

Class Helper

Vaishali Pawar


Mohini Tirlotkar


Pallavi Patel

Class Helper

Surekha Patankar

Class Helper

Ratana Shinde

Class Helper

Samiksha Chavan

Class Helper

Bharathi Galipally



Manisha Chakravarty

Music Facilitator/The Sound Space

The Sound Space is Kamakshi and Vishala Khurana’s labor of love deeply rooted in their musical childhood. Through this organization, they are paving the way for innovation in traditional Indian music not only in India but also globally. With formal training in Indian music and psychology, this power duo today, is changing lives through The Sound Space. Deconstructing the complexities of Indian music and using it to offer an enhanced life to children and adults alike, the Khurana sisters are working hand-in-hand with various schools, NGOs, multinational corporations through The Sound Space’s diverse programs.

Vidhi Shah

Dance Facilitator/RhyDhun Dance Academy

Vidhi Shah is the founder and Director at RhyDhun Dance Academy. For 20 years, RhyDhun Dance Academy has been training dance enthusiasts in various dance styles like Indian Folk, Garba, Bollywood, Indian Classical, Freestyle, Salsa, Latin American, Flamenco, Jazz and Contemporary dance.

Kovida in Indian Folk Dance course (KIFD), a certified course in affiliation with Nalanda Institute is its signature course.

RhuDhun Dance Academy has represented Indian culture at many International Folk Festivals too. 


Dance Facilitator/RhyDhun Dance Academy

Vyoma is a Bharatanatyam Dancer (Nalanda University)a nd an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and Yoga Instructor (The Yoga Institute, Santacruz) with an experience of almost 2 decades. Other dance styles in her repertoire include Fusion dance (Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts), Bollywood, Zumba, Hip-hop, Belly dance, Contemporary, Folk dance (Rhydhun Dance Academy).
Vyoma continues to fuel her passion by pursuing new fitness techniques and dance styles, and inculcating them into her own training.
She loves to travel, read and write, watch movies, play football and spend quality time with her family.

There are two things she strongly believes.
“Put your heart into whatever you take up, it is sure to succeed”
“If you wish for something in this world with all your heart, the whole Universe conspires to make it happen”.

Sonal Sanghavi

ICT Facilitator/Clone Futura Education Pvt Ltd.
Sonal heads the Product Development at Clone Futura and WhizJuniors (an online tech learning platform). She is a strong independent woman of today and an absolute force to reckon with. She brings in a great amount of experience in the field of Information Technology. Proving her wit on the work field, Ms. Sonal started her career at an early age of 17. Today, she gathers more than 15 years of experience and has become a powerful woman in the field of IT. Starting as a faculty at a computer institute, then a software developer at an US firm, to then becoming a Google Certified Educator, she never ceased to learn. She has developed more than 106 courses since its inception. She is also an eminent speaker and conducts regular seminars on Cyber Safety.

Bhavana Patil

Sports Facilitator/HB Sports Wellness and Events

HB Sports aims at providing the best quality services in sports, fitness and events under one brand. It offers all sports coaching programs and planning at 10-12 different venues covering more than 2000 plus participants. It also offers fitness training and Nutrition counseling in our 3 well equipped gymnasium.

Bhavana has over 12 years of experience as a cricket coach Some of her accomplishments include: Cricket Australia Level 1 Accreditation (Pan India), Cricket Australia Cricket Education Program (Silver Medal) Mumbai, Mumbai Cricket Association Level ‘O’ and National Academy Level 1. She has also represented Mumbai senior women’s cricket team.

MD Anwar Firoz Ansari

Sports Facilitator/HB Sports Wellness and Events

HB Sports aims at providing the best quality services in sports, fitness and events under one brand. It offers all sports coaching programs and planning at 10-12 different venues covering more than 2000 plus participants. It also offers fitness training and Nutrition counseling in our 3 well equipped gymnasium.

Anwar has over 4 years of experience as a sports coach. He has completed Masters of Physical Education M.P. Ed and is a state level medalist in athletics.