Why Us

Our school is one of the premier schools to have solar panels installed on the entire rooftop of our building. We have also constructed a rain water harvesting tank to collect all the rainwater from the roof. We have always been pioneers in starting new and futuristic activities from the time of introduction of computer education nearly 2 decades ago, and the installation of E-learning systems as early as a decade ago. The school introduced as part of the curriculum training in entrepreneurial systems to the 12-13 year age group. This has been the first of its kind in any school in the city. The school believes in celebrating all the festivals so as to inculcate tolerance and appreciation towards all persons, be it Christmas, Diwali, Dusshera, etc

Our Strengths

Student Voice
Teacher as a facilitator and guide
Lesson Planning catering to diverse needs
Gifted Program
Remedial Services
Experiential learning
Parent & community Partnership
Exchange Programs & Field Visits
Wellness Program

Beyond Academics

Martial Arts



Basket Ball





What They Say