My Story as a Grandma

I passed out from Little Angels back in 1973. The first gen from my family to go to a convent school back then and definitely not the last. My daughter and nieces also went to the same school. So I always was tied to my alma mater all throughout my life in one way or the other. But now I have a more personal connection with LAIS. Its such a great feeling to be connected all over again with my Alma Mater as a facilitator now.

Apart from being a facilitator, I am a grandma too. A grandmom to 4 grand kids of various ages. Story telling has been part of me since I was a child myself. I remember my childhood days in Little Angels. We had a big library and that was my favorite place in the school. The books I borrowed took me to a different world and helped me to inculcate my reading habit and the fondness to books and the stories they told. The school had a great collection and reading all different kind of authors was my most treasured pass time.

Grandma Tales has been coming along through ages. But nowadays it’s grandma reading books. Reading books to your children and grandchildren is such a joy. When you narrate stories to children it takes them to a new world of fantasy and happiness. While I read  with my grandchildren, I see them listening in awe all starry eye and we enter the book and become one with the characters ourselves. Every page tells a new story or talks of a new place and we enjoy reading dancing and singing together. It takes u to a different world and so full of joy.

My kids also got the reading bug and am sure they have fond memories of me reading it out to them when they were younger. Even my grandchildren are avid readers themselves and finished Harry Potter series before they even hit 12 years and I enjoyed reading some when I visited them. Reading improves children’s imagination, creativity, ideas and increases their general knowledge too.

You should always make reading a fun activity and it is the best gift you give them for life. Seeing them catching the reading  bug from you is such a thing to cherish. There is definitely no full stop for reading. This habit continues from a kid to a grownup. My advice to all parents, teachers, grandparents is to inculcate this habit. This is the best gift we can give children. In this time when everything is virtual, reading between pages of a storybook remains on top and nothing can stop that enjoyable moment.