Memories of School

During the lockdown, I missed many things in my life. The most important thing is my school. Every morning I used to go to school on my school bus. I saw many people walking in the road, shops, etc. But because of lockdown, I had to stay at home. I couldn’t meet my friends. On the bus, we played, sang songs. Now I have to stay at home and cannot meet my friends and play with them.

I miss all my teachers too. Ms. Priti teaches me very nicely in school. She gives me many examples and I enjoy a lot in her class. She now takes a virtual class, but what we did in school was great. She took me to field trips. Infield trip, she explains and we explore many things. She tells us to note down the things we saw during the field trip after coming to school.

I miss my Maker’s Chamber’s class too. We made many things like house, elevator, etc. Ms. Prerna took us to the school ground and told us to collect different materials from the ground. Once my friend got eagle feathers. We both felt very happy. I got marbles from the ground that we needed to play the maze game in school.

In art class, we made big castles, crowns, also did different paintings. I miss my art class too. In free play class, I and my friends play a lot. We played with Lego Blocks, Puzzle, and Top. I miss my free play very much.

I wonder when school will reopen and I can meet all my teachers. Hope so everything will be again normal and I will meet all my teachers and friends soon. 

By Ishant (Inquirer Class)