Making Friends Is Easy If You Can Read

The photo is taken in our village ( Sangameshwar district – Ratnagiri ) during Riva’s recent trip. The kids in the photo are locals whose school is currently closed due to Covid. They were very shy to come and play with Riva and kept their distance.







We had picked up books for Riva from the LAIS library and had decided to read a book every night during the trip. Poonam ma’am had suggested Riva read a book every day to improve her vocabulary. Riva and I read books every night where she tried to understand new words. The next day she read the story again to kids and then translated it into Marathi for them. This helped her break the ice with those kids which eventually resulted in them playing with her post the storytelling. 



Was a wonderful outcome as the aim was to make Riva read and understand however it helped her make new friends. It also generated enthusiasm from Riva’s perspective to teach what she understood. I guess this is what is a growth mindset where a child learns while playing and by taking an interest. 




Books chosen for Riva were also great which helped maintain the interest.