Life is Incomplete without Books

‘The Wishing Chair’, ‘Toyland’, ‘The Famous Five’…does that remind you of something? Of course it does for many of us! Enid Mary Blyton, without whom we would not have traversed the magical lands and unravelled the enigmatic adventures. Her lucid writing style, simplistic appeal, vibrant characters and happy endings do make us feel passionate about her novels.

It was definitely a part of our growing culture and as friends we would think and enact the characters and transport ourselves to the dreamy world of ‘the land of chocolate’ or our favourite school, ‘the Malory Towers’. Remembering how competitive it was to secure a place in front of a Blyton’s book, nicely arranged by the librarian during the Library class is so very nostalgic.

The fondness for her books from a tender age and later the love for books has been a marvelous journey. Flipping through the frayed pages, the fragrance of the old books lying in the cupboard, untouched for so many years, usher in such unforgettable yet rejuvenating memories. Almost with every book there is a bond so intriguing that it’s hard to forgo ..life is incomplete without books.